The Stars Are My Church

Santi Esposito Rose My Story

A Fistful of Dollars, A Fistful of Evil

It unnerves me, holding a handful of US Dollars. I feel like Frodo clutching the ring of power. So much evil condensed in one place. I never thought I would have such a strong reaction to something so simple as a visit to the airport money-changer. Yet I did. Indeed,...

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Love Animals? Don’t Keep Them as Pets.

“I just love animals!” she said, gesturing affectionately at her dog. His balls had been chopped off. His vocal cords had been snipped. Before that, he had one of those shock collars that zapped him whenever he barked. He was confined to a tiny yard barely a few...

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The ‘Classics’ are Shit – and That’s Okay!

There is not much that ancient people could do that we cannot do better. No-one would suggest that any ancient society could produce better steel than we can, better medicine than we can or better smartphones than we can. Yet our culture has become permeated with the...

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6 Books That Shaped My Worldview

They say that you are the sum total of the half-dozen closest people you associate with. Similarly, I firmly believe your worldview is the sum total of the half-dozen books that blew your mind the most. I’m talking about the ones that upended everything you...

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Glory to the Rebels

Exploration has always been in my blood. I grew up on a farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia – a surfy, laid-back tourist town full of weed-smoking, tie-die-wearing, dreadlock-sporting hippies, mixed with rich former-executives looking to escape that...

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