“I just love animals!”
she said, gesturing affectionately at her dog.

His balls had been chopped off.

His vocal cords had been snipped.

Before that, he had one of those shock collars that zapped
him whenever he barked.

He was confined to a tiny yard barely a few metres across, certainly
not big enough to run around in.

He had very little contact with other dogs, which is rather
traumatising for any social species.

He lived on a diet of dinner scraps and pellets out of a
box, and sometimes he would have to do degrading things – like perform tricks
or let himself be dressed up like a doll – just to get fed.

He could be bought and sold like a piece of property – had he
been female, her children would have been separated from her at birth and sold
off to many different owners, never to see her again.

If he made any sort of nuisance or offered any sort of
resistance, he could be put down on a whim – a minor inconvenience to his
owner, who would simply go out and buy a replacement.


You say you love animals?

You have a funny fuckin’ way of showing it.